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RCMA Green  

RCMA is dedicated to going green in both our designs and our daily activities.  Are you doing your part?


Green Design Practices - What is Sustainability ?

Sustainability can be summarized very generally in the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.  In regards to human activities especially development, sustainability has been morphed into a term describing the degree to which we affect the environment's ability to sustain us.  Popular terms such as Sustainability & Green are becoming widely known and used in a plethora of applications ranging from inventive forms of recycling to zero energy structures that consume no energy in daily operations.

In the civil engineering world sustainability refers to an awareness of environmental concerns and the use of land, construction materials and the finished structures to minimize negative environmental impacts. We are aware of the factors that contribute to a rational, responsible, and sustainable development and diligently incorporate them into our designs.

Municipal Ordinances

Local Municipalities have ordinances or laws that restrict the development of land to some degree.  These ordinances are becoming ever more stringent in relation to the removal of natural resources and the replacement and addition of green cover.  We work closely with the municipalities engineers to create green developments with minimized impact.

County Conservation District & DEP

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is constantly revising and changing the requirements placed on project designs.  This process has led to the development and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), which are designed to reduce the effect development of land has on storm water.  Sediment laden runoff, increase in volume, increase in flow intensity, and thermally impacted storm water are some of the major environmental concerns that BMPs are designed to mitigate.  Popular BMP's include rain gardens, detention basins, constructed wetlands and ponds, porous pavement, and rain barrels.  We also work closely with the County Conservation District, an extension of DEP's regulatory process, in facilitating both sustainable and cost effective designs with the use of BMPs on nearly all of its designs.


Green Operating Practices - Helpful Ideas for Any Office

Recycle E - Waste

E - waste or electronic waste consists of any electronic hardware that is in the process of disposal.  This includes computers, monitors, copiers, keyboards, etc . . .  If not properly disposed of these items either end up in landfills contaminating the ground water with the toxic chemicals used to produce them such as mercury, or they are shipped to developing countries where they are dismantled in unsafe conditions and scoured for valuable metals using additional toxic chemicals.

Many organizations such as and have been established in the Philadelphia area to prevent the careless disposal of perpetually increasing e - waste.  RCMA uses EzPc Recycling to dispose its outdated computer hardware safely.  Did we mention this is a free service?  For more information click the link above.

Recycle Office Waste

The majority of operating waste generated by RCMA is paper from project plans, reports, and administrative correspondence, which is currently all recycled.  Plastics and glass are also recycled by the same service.  In addition to recycling virtually all of its office waste RCMA offers the same recycling service to all of the businesses operating in The Village at Lederach.

Fluorescent Low Energy Lighting

RCMA's newly designed office uses low energy fluorescent lighting, as opposed to energy wasting incandescent lighting.  This practice not only saves energy but lowers the utility cost.

Car Pool Incentives

RCMA offers car pool incentives to employees as an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Conversion to Digital

With email becoming the standard form of written communication, it is now possible to attach correspondence without printing a single sheet of paper.  RCMA currently sends, receives, and stores the majority of its files digitally, and with the help of clients and agencies we correspond with, we are in the process of making the transition entirely to digital.

Climate Control Flux for Energy Efficiency

It is nothing new to turn off the heat or the ac when you are not going to occupy a space for a period of time, or to keep the temperature a few degrees cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer to save on utility costs.  This practice also helps the environment by requiring less power from the grid and less carbon dioxide release overall.  RCMA's climate control system is pre programmed to adjust the temperature with the cycles of operating hours, and is adjusted each season for energy efficiency.  Even if your climate controls are not programmable, you can manually adjust the temperature of your office environment according to office hours and different times of the year.